Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Hike

On a quiet sunny day in Colorado Springs, just after a fresh snow storm, it makes good hunting for the falcons. This large falcon was sitting quietly waiting for a mouse, rabbit, fox or something tasty to move. Just as we came upon her she swooped down on something, but came up empty.  We love hiking this time of year.  Its quiet, there are few people out and the air is fresh.   Bridie takes the opportunity to take snow baths, I think she learned it from Zamboni.   We came across fox and rabbit tracks, no mountain lion this time.  She was probably well out of the area by now hunting somewhere else.  Its usually slower going in the snow, especially when its deep, but we seem to have more energy than hiking in hot weather.  There is a certain pace you set every time you hike, too slow and you get fatigued, too fast and you tire out.  Just right, and you can have a nice enjoyable time.  Today was just right.  Bridie insisted on going through the denser parts of the hike.   She must have found the scent of something as she usually stays about 20 feet out and may circle back, but this time she had her nose to the ground and was determined to find whatever it was she was tracking.  This was a short hike, 1/2 up Green Mountain.  We did not have the time to do the whole thing.  We may do that Saturday, test out the GPS that Santa is supposed to bring.  Merry Christmas!

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