Thursday, December 3, 2009

Anaheim Ducks vs LA Kings

Was in LA for a day of business and took a detour to catch a cross town battle between the Anaheim Ducks and LA Kings.  This was a Ducks home game, so it was in Anaheim at the pond.  It was a 30 mile drive and getting tickets the day of the game was no easy trick as this is a pretty well attended game.  There were just as many Kings fans as Ducks.  I got seats one row back from the glass in the corner.  That was a great perspective.  You really feel the speed and intensity of the game when someone gets crashed into the boards 3 feet from you.  I posted a small story on Whrrr with some pictures.  When I get back home I will process the rest on the beast and post here...  Was a very good game, came down to the last minute of play.  Kings won 4 to 3.

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