Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Best Time of the year

So here it is, December.  Rapidly approaching Christmas and New Years.  I have not done the Christmas cards, tree is still in the crawl space, but I do have lights outside, even though I forget to turn them on.  Ttis is the time of year that the government decides to drop RFPs (Requests for Proposals) so they can relax while us contractors work like mad to keep our jobs.  What am I thinking about?  What would be a good winter hike.  I like winter hikes because 1. There are less amatures out there to deal with 2. The dogs love it 3. I have to carry less water 3.The silence is great 4. The snow   So I have some time Saturday Morning.  Thinking of which trail to take.  Two weeks ago we went to the Microwave towers above the Academy, that was a 7 mile trip.  The dogs are ready.  But me?  I have been sitting working hard on profiles the past 2 weeks.   I need a lateral easy hike, they need a hard driving 5 hour hike.    Sometimes I envy the dogs.   

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