Friday, June 19, 2009

Training for "the Farish Hike"

Its not a great feat by any measure, but for me and my dogs, this will be the first of many. Air Force Academy to Farish Rec Center---7 miles, nothing really that pegs anyones meter. The Pikes Peak trail (Barr trail) is 12.8 miles all up hill. Wonderful. Ill do that next, but this is different. Why? We enter the trail from a relatively unknown trial head, navigate with the old fashion method--using quad charts. We will trek through a bear trial Bridie found. WIll have to figure out how to carry enough water and food for my partners--the girls: Bridie and Zamboni. The easy thing to do is the Stanley Canyon trail, no that's not for us. We will take the rifle range route, cross cut through the Eagle Peak lost trail, to the Stanly Canyon trail. Probably more like 10 miles. Today did a 2 mile training hike, flat land, dogs hated the heat at 10am. I need to start this 1 hour before dawn. Water will be an issue...... More to follow