Sunday, October 18, 2009

October Hikes In Colorado are like Summer

With the temperature approaching 70 at 10am we set off for one of our spots. It was dry and windy but well worth the hike. Once we started the climb it cooled off and we were blocked by the wind. We headed up a hill behind the Academy shooting range up to a valley we know. Came across one other hiker, I have met him and his dog before. They come up from a different route. We headed into the valley then up on top of the highest outlook. I took a picture looking down at the valley where the stream goes over a cliff down below. Eventually the stream feeds Deadman's lake on the Academy. Zamboni was like a cat trying to get every little squirrel. Seems that the bears have taken to either hibernating or up farther into the hills. Did not see any fresh signs. Did see a few trees that they clawed (why do they do that anyway?). One good thing is that the park ranger cut of access to our area from vehicles. We came across barbed wire and cut trees to stop any more vehicle traffic in "our" area. There were signs posted forbidding vehicles past a certain point. That's great! I think they need to limit those dirt bikes and ATVs to a small area. They do a lot of damage, and what's the point? If you can't get in on foot, or horse, then just stay in town driving around.

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