Thursday, May 7, 2009

Red Bull Air Races In San Diego

Just got to watch the practice runs for the Red Bull Air Races. I have watched them on ESPN, and was amazed at the precision of the pilots. They fly a fixed course through Pylons that are held in place with blown air. I got to see one of them hit a pylon and it sounded like a cannon going off. I was lucky enough to capture it in a photo. Here is it. You wonder what that must feel like traveling at 250mph and clipping one of thoes. This guy hit it pretty dead center on his wing. It's amazing how close they come. You can see from this one there is little room for error.
They are running this race right in the bay which is inbetween the city of San Diego and Coronado Island. I stumbled across the test runs as I was preparing to leave North Island Navy Station. They were preparing one of the piers for the military to watch the show for free. I got stopped my a Security Policeman because he did not want me taking pictures of the "assets". In other words the USS Regan (CVN 76) and The USS Nimitz (CVN 68) that were docked. He was cordial enough, and got to see all my pictures. We talked for awhile. I told him that our company, Northrop Grumman built the Regan. He knew that. Here is one of the planes coming in over the Regan into the entry area. I took this photo from the shopping area at Coronado Island. Speaking of Coronado Island. this is where they train Navy seals. The water is ice cold at times and the Seals are in it all the time, no wet suits nothing. They also Filmed Some Like it Hot here in 1958 with Tony Curtis, Marilyn Manroe and Jack Lemmon. You can watch the move in Hulu.

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