Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hockey and Hiking don't mix

One thing I have learned is Hockey and Hiking don't mix. Really! Think about it; when was the last time you saw a goalie lugging all that gear up the side of a hill? Slapshots are hell in rocky ground, and what about the skates? Actually, what I was thinking more close to home was, while watching the first Western Regionals between Chicago (thats west?) and Detroit (Omaha is more west than Detroit), my dogs sat staring at me. They wanted one thing only, okay bacon might be one of them, they wanted a hike. They didn't understand me when I said, "Come on its the first period, its in High Def, and it might rain or snow or a volcano might pop up and ruin our hike." They just kep staring--Bridie with her classic SAD EYES that could make a statue cry and Zamboni who has perfected the guilty look. BUT ITS THE STANELY CUP! I rebuked... That didn't help. What is he truth is you can't be out being Lewis and Clark when you watching the game. Its not like baseball where you head out between pitchs go grocery shopping, change your tires, get an appendectimy all before the next pitch and not miss a thing. No in Hockey, you watch it all or you will miss something---only there is something ever 15 seconds--its just that Hockey is a fast moving sport.

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