Friday, October 7, 2011

Greenland Dog Park

Well finally after all these years, I am the Mayor.  Well, its a foursquare Mayor, but nevertheless, I am the Mayor of Greenland Dog Park (fourquare).  Here are few recent shots of the Dogs and me.

This is the view looking South from the Northeast corner.  You can see why the dogs like it-plenty of running room.
 Of course this time of year it is still active with little critters trying to find food for the winter, and my dogs trying to dig to find them.
Bridie Murphy rolling in the grass to get the smell of the land

 Zamboni just likes to run, she often does one lap with us, then gets lost digging.  When she comes up for air, she runs to where we are.  Once she would not come back to leave, so we left her.  She did not mind as there was plenty to do.  So had to go and drag her back home.
Found something!

Could they get their heads any further down the hole?
 Pikes Peak in the background.  From this view you can see why Zebulon Pike thought he could just hike up there in one day. The summit is about 25 miles from this point.
A newly refurbished barn sits north of the dog park.
Pikes Peak and Mt Herman

Panorama of the area

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